All Girls Fantasia Project


  • 2006

  1. 90502

    Targeted Group

  • (180) girls from the Capital Secretariat

  1. 90501


  1. 90500


Uptake capacities of girls in order to develop their abilities and use their time efficiently


The project include three skillful bags:-
• First bag included the skills that would enable the girl to successfully access the labor market as follows:
  •  Secretarial course and office management.
  •  First Aid.
  •  English conversation course.
  •  Driving Course.
  •  Course in Accounting.
• Second bag included self-development courses on the following topics:
  • Women leadership.
  •  Self- programming.
  • How to win your brother's heart.
• The third bag focused on life skills and included: -
Nutrition, Massage, Cosmetics and Home Economics courses.