Empowering women economically to improve food security


  • 2018

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    Targeted Group

  • 60 of the poorest women from Hajjah governorate - Bani Qais and Kaidina districts.

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Empowering women economically to improve their food security situation through vocational training on the traditional palm fronds industry.


  1. 60 targeted women gained experience and necessary skills to produce palm fronds crafts and are qualified to produce different models with good marketable quality.
  2. 60 production kits were distributed (one per each trainee).
  3. 60 food baskets were distributed (one per each trainee).
  4. 20 cell phone devices were distributed in Shoukh (one per each trainee).
  5. Production of 300 pieces of palm fronds products during the training phase.
  6. Production of 168 pieces after post training phase closure.
  7. A standard price list was formalized and shared with all stakeholders.
  8. 3 community awareness sessions were conducted at sub-district level.
  9. 141,605 Facebook users were reached by the online marketing posts.
  10. 6 selling points were established in Sana’a to display the products of the targeted women.
  11. Eexhibition and two days public marketing event were conducted to raise community awareness about palm fronds products uses and promote targeted women products.41 different pieces were sold during the marketing events.
  12.  Receiving 2 production orders from GIZ and Remas Plaza Restaurants.
  13. Participating in GIZ bazzar and selling 45 pieces.
  14. Participating in WFP event and selling 14 pieces.
  15. Selling of 103 piece via Kafa’at Center and personal visits to targeted customers.
  16. A follow-up mechanism for 6 months period post training courses closure was established. All stakeholders, including targeted women, community committees and donor, were informed about it.